Poetry by Philip M. Williams

Reply to BOSTON GLOBE MAGAZINE,  The Brash New Bath  Sunday, October 13, 2002

In Defense of Urinals

Pish tish and a squish
To that elegant Ms
Who does not wish piss
To reign, having missed
The brave toilet’s abyss.

For we insecure males
Prefer not to squat.
We’d rather hold schlongs
In front of low johns.

Far better to sit
And easily omit
O’er spray’s green bit
That stains our outfit.

But our proud mums,
When we’re young sons
Would have us stand up
And wave yellow streams
Like glorious sunbeams.

So hooray for the urinal
That turns rank toilets terminal,
Although bold men will sit
And muse,
On the changing views
Of excrement news.



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