Poetry by Philip M. Williams

Birthday Girl


Imagine all the little children sleeping
In their little cribs. Later creeping.
Soon they’re leaping through their world so gay.

With simple joy, they watch the blooms of May
Both preen and dance into the scented play
Of colored breeze. Reflect! We’ll soon be sweeping

All soft and luscious rainbow flakes. They’re fleeting
Into filling rooms. They’re busy seeking.
Soon they’re reaping, smiles of yesterday.

Oh birthday girl! Like the violet blue,
So shy beneath its leaves of green,
Like the nodding lily of the valley white,
Sweet scented in its random scheme,
Like the wild columbine that trumpets keen
Its graceful shape in bending flight,

You yearly compass all those valiant traits
Of truth and joy and beauty in the face
Of this strange world. So we do daily share
All untrammeled love that you do bear
As like those simple graces children wear,
And thus memorialize your birthday fair.

Jennie 2002



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