Acknowledgements & Dedication


I could not have written this book without Stephen Jay Gould's The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. It gave me the audacity of thought about prehistoric builders. Nor would it be possible without Wayne, who could use a twenty ton 977 Shovel dozer with the deftness of the laborer with a one man boom, nor without Bill Howland, Harvey Taylor and Ben Nadeau all of whom showed how innate among experts are the skills of measuring and cutting, and of carrying huge amounts of details in the mind when building an edifice, nor without Stuart Piggott who gave me insight to prehistoric use of measuring tools. Christine Kenneally freed me from the carking details of language authenticity. Stephen Pinker revealed how language itself controls and commands the marvels of thought. Good cheer to New College, from whence I stepped upon a summer's day into another age at Avebury.
The skills of the editor are that of my good friend Jim Robb. The clumsiness of expression is my own. Only the grace of Christine M. Lemay could pull everything together. Only the faith of my dear children could keep me slogging along.

To those who have loved and lost.

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