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Philip M. Williams was born in Boston, and grew up in Newton Center, a suburb. He learned to read, not by grasping individual syllables, but by the whole word. Because he got most things backwards, he was considered a lost cause by some teachers. Bleak high-school years were made rich by the track coach, the bandmaster, the orchestra conductor, and an English teacher.

The years at Harvard College were a dream of learning. The track team was coached by a master, so the mind was stretched, and the body was tested under conditions that never could be improved. From Harvard, he jumped to Wall Street. There he was placed into a financial training program that taught much about the "Street". His contrarian nature did not suit, so farewell and good luck. He then became a teacher at the Allendale School, in Rochester, New York. Allendale had a fine headmaster and faculty, dedicated to the art of teaching. With such support, even the clumsiest of teachers would become expert. He was the track coach. The team won their track-and-field league championship eight straight years... Read more >

The Great Stones of Avebury: The Birth of Wizardry and the Apotheosis of Artemis

Once upon a time, long ago, an older man, a youth, and a young lady made history. Their time is far enough behind us so that we can reflect upon their significance...read more.

• Author's essay "Why I Wrote This Book or How an Essay Became a Romance"

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